17th State ATM Corporation Football Cup Begins


The XVII State ATM Corporation Football Cup has started, with the opening ceremony held on 24 September. Vladimir Kuzhilin, Head of the Administrative Office of the Director General, welcomed the tournament participants, noting that the Football Cup was not merely a sports event but a true family get-together, as many players were accompanied by their family and friends.

By tradition, Valery Rheingold, former Spartak Moscow and the USSR national team player, wished the competitors good health, and asked them to play respectfully and refrain from causing injury to one another.

The opening ceremony was followed by a draw, which divided the 16 participating teams into 4 groups. The group composition is as follows: Group A – North Siberia Air Navigation, Head Office, North-West Air Navigation, Northern Ural Air Navigation; Group B – Western Siberia Air Navigation, Far East Air Navigation, Eastern Siberia Air Navigation, Crimea Air Navigation; Group C – Central Siberia Air Navigation, North-East Air Navigation, Central Volga Air Navigation, Tatarstan Air Navigation; and Group D – South Air Navigation, Moscow ATC Centre, Ural Air Navigation and Kamchatka Air Navigation.


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