Alfa-Bank Launches Internet Acquiring for State ATM Corporation


Alfa-Bank has made it possible for State ATM Corporation to accept online payments made via user accounts. This will allow airlines, including international ones, to use Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards to pay air navigation charges on the Company’s website 24/7, promptly and securely.

‘Internet acquiring is a business development priority for Alfa-Bank. We are an eCom and mCom market leader. The Bank has effective processing and reliable risk management of card transactions in place. The project for State ATM Corporation is an innovative payment gateway that will give the e-commerce market a new boost. I am sure customers will appreciate the new service we are offering together – it is easy, convenient and secure to use,’ says Igor Arefyev, Head of e-Commerce Division at Alfa-Bank.

Igor Moiseenko, State ATM Corporation Director General, in his turn, commented on the interaction with the bank as follows: ‘For the time being, Alfa-Bank is the first and only bank that has been able to tailor its Internet acquiring to our existing pattern of interaction with airlines. We have partnered to complete the project within the shortest possible time and to a high standard. The positive experience that we expect to gain in 2017 will allow us to make use of the project outcomes for other activities performed by State ATM Corporation’.

Online payments are secured by a multi-level anti-fraud and high-risk transactions monitoring system that is operational at Alfa-Bank’s processing centre. It allows preventing even non-typical fraudulent transactions and enables payments by credit and debit cards issued by any bank in a highly reliable manner.

User account for payment of air navigation charges

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