New Automated ATM System Put into Operation at Krasnoyarsk Consolidated ACC


15 December 2016, 04:00 UTC - Air traffic services and airspace management at Krasnoyarsk Consolidated ACC are now provided by a new automated ATM system.

The automated ATM system delivered by JSC Concern VKO "Almaz-Antey", was designed based on Alpha-5 ATC system (manufactured by NITA, LLC - Saint-Petersburg) and successfully passed all acceptance and performance tests. Its commissioning will ensure the provision of safe and efficient air traffic services over the territory of 3 million square km on international, cross-polar and Arctic ATS routes with total length of more than 65,000 km. Services are provided within 14 airspace segments. During the installation and start-up activities in the OPS room of “Central Siberia Air Navigation” branch, ATCOs performed their duties without interruptions.

The system provides for flight data processing from 40 radars and 35 ADS-B stations, communication support and switching from 20 authorized transmitter-receiver centres, 70 aerodrome control radios, VH radio networks, meteorological and air navigation systems. To ensure proper coordination, data exchange is performed between flight data processing systems of the Main ATFM Centre, adjacent zonal centres, automated terminal airspace management/ ATC facilities and adjacent areas, as well as systems of other government agencies.

The system incorporates advanced algorithms to ensure flight safety such as innovative by-pass technology and interactive reference data display. The overall cost of the ACC retrofitting project totals 497, 9 million rubles.


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