North Siberia Air Navigation Wins State ATM Corporation Football Cup


The North Siberia Air Navigation branch team from the city of Tyumen has won the XVII State ATM Corporation Football Cup. 16 teams from the Corporation’s branches and Head Office competed for the coveted trophy this year. In the final match of the tournament, as a result of an intense struggle, the Tyumen team defeated the Moscow ATC Centre team. The score was tied after the regulation time, so a penalty shoot-out was held. The Siberian team was luckier with the penalty kicks, with a score of 5:4.

The Western Siberia Air Navigation team from Novosibirsk and the Central Volga Air Navigation team from Krasnoyarsk played the third place play-off game. The Novosibirsk team were considerably stronger and won 3:0. As a result of the tournament, the best players were picked for the State ATM Corporation team, which will be representing the Corporation and the Russian Federation at the next air traffic controllers’ world football cup.

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