State ATM Corporation Experts Take Part in Baltic Tech Meeting


The Third International Technical Meeting of Baltic Area ANSPs (Baltic Tech/3) took place on 16-17 May 2017 in Saint Petersburg on the premises of the North-West Air Navigation branch. The meeting was attended by delegates from the ANSPs of Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. 

The experts provided updates on technical interaction between Baltic area ANSPs, discussed advanced projects for optimizing cooperation, and held bi- and trilateral meetings during sub-group sessions. The meeting decided to continue working on projects to arrange the reservation of OLDI interaction and ATS-QSIG voice communication. The experts have noted the effectiveness such meetings, as they provide an opportunity to discuss a wide range of matters of mutual interest, share best practices and suggest coordinated solutions to the most urgent technical issues. 

The meeting participants noted with appreciation that the event had been prepared to a very high standard. The next technical meeting of Baltic area ANSPs is planned for 2018. 

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