State ATM Corporation Reflects on MAKS 2017 Results


The State ATM Corporation took part in the MAKS 2017 International Aviation and Space Salon as part of the joint exposition of the enterprises affiliated with the FATA. Apart from that, the State ATM Corporation’s Aerocontrol branch presented a Piaggio 180 Avanti II aircraft on the static  parking stand of the aviation salon.

Videos presenting the work of the State ATM Corporation staff – air traffic controllers, engineers and pilots - were played on a big screen in the Federal Air Transport Agency’s chalet throughout the aviation salon. A video prepared by the Air Navigation Institute, an organization founded by the State ATM Corporation, was also presented.

The MAKS 2017 guests were very enthusiastic about the P180 aircraft, and the media referred to it as ‘the most stylish aircraft’ presented at this year’s biggest aviation forum. Two guided tours to the aircraft were arranged, one being for Russian university students as part of Students’ day, and the other for the most active subscribers of the salon’s social media pages, and aviation bloggers.

The State ATM Corporation actively participated in the business agenda of MAKS 2017. Director General Igor Moiseenko delivered his presentation ‘Trajectory-based operations: the tasks of an ANSP’ at the Conference ‘Enhancing Air Transport Efficiency Management through the Use of Trajectory-Based Operations’ hosted by the Russian Engineering Union.

Also, the  Russian Air Navigation System Development Strategy  was presented at a round table organized in partnership with Strategy Partners Group. Deputy Director General Evgeny Melnikov presented a report on the goals, objectives and the organization of the Strategy development, and Igor Moiseenko answered the questions of the discussion participants. The round table was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Transport, leading airlines, the Consumers Council under the State ATM Corporation, etc. The wide range of participants illustrates the importance of the subject discussed, as in the near future the ANS strategy is supposed to become a document that will influence the functioning of the whole Russian aviation industry.


Video: Izvestia


It is worth mentioning specifically that the State ATM Corporation Moscow ATC Centre branch ensured flight safety and conflict-free use of airspace around Ramenskoe aerodrome and within the whole Moscow TMA, meeting the requirements and demand from both the aviation salon participants and other airspace users. The most experienced air traffic controllers and CNS professionals worked on this task, having undergone special training. The difficult meteorological conditions had no impact on the  MAKS 2017 programme, neither did the busy flight programme of the event affect the operations of Vnukovo, Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Zhukovsky airports.

The organizers of MAKS 2017 awarded the State ATM Corporation with a commemorative token for its contribution to the development of the International Aerospace Salon.

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