Trials of a new ATM system completed


28 December 2016. Operational trials of a new automated ATM system at “Moscow ATC Centre”, branch of FSUE” State ATM Corporation”, have been completed. The trials demonstrated compliance of the system with the specified performance requirements and its readiness to provide air traffic services within Moscow consolidated ACC area of responsibility. The system is accommodated in a new building constructed in the vicinity of the existing ATC centre at Vnukovo. It encompasses ATCO working positions, servers, radars, planning tools, information protection and many other elements that will contribute to ATM efficiency improvement in Moscow airspace. According to the system’s designer, JSC “Concern “Almaz-Antey”, the new system will provide a 30 - 40% capacity increase of Moscow consolidated ACC. The new system is expected to become operational in March 2017. The total cost of the project is over 3.5 billion rubles. 

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