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100th Anniversary of Russian Civil Aviation and 50th Anniversary of the Joint ATM System

On 16 February, an official ceremony dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of Russian civil aviation and the 50th anniversary of the Joint ATM System took place at the assembly hall of the State ATM Corporation Head Office.

Head of the Federal Air Transport Agency (FATA) Alexander Neradko opened the meeting. He reported on the successful completion of the Federal Target Programme “Modernization of the Joint Air Traffic Management System of the Russian Federation” and ceremoniously signed the map which the FATA management had been using to track the implementation of the programme. 2022 had seen the launch of the last, fourteenth, regional centre of the Joint ATM System in Saint Petersburg. On the anniversary day, the map was brought back to the Corporation.

State ATM Corporation Director General Dmitry Bobylev presented the history of the Russian ATC system, mentioning numerous projects implemented over the half-century, and concluded that the system was resilient and ready for new challenges. He also expressed his gratitude to all staff within the industry, especially to long-service employees for their hard work and their invaluable contribution to the development of the Joint ATM System.

In his speech, President of the International Consultancy and Analysis Agency “Aviation Safety” Valery Shelkovnikov stressed the importance of the Joint ATM System as a strategic system for safe and efficient airspace usage enabling the achievement of economic and defense objectives.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation presented the State ATM Corporation staff with a congratulatory address as a token of gratitude for timely and efficient cooperation.

The meeting concluded with an awarding ceremony: State ATM Corporation employees and retirees that have considerably contributed to the establishment and development of the Russian Joint ATM System received awards of the Federal Air Transport Agency from the Agency’s Head Alexander Neradko, while corporate awards were handed in by State ATM Corporation Director General Dmitry Bobylev.