Canso welcomes state atm corporation of russia as new full member

Canso press release

Canso press release

Canso welcomes state atm corporation of the russian federation as new full member

For immediate release, Amsterdam, 29th January:

CANSO, the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation, is delighted to announce the arrival of the State ATM Corporation of the Russian Federation as a full member of the Association. State ATM Corporation handles more that 1 million movements and represents nearly 10% of global airspace. This means CANSO members now control more than 70% of world airspace and over 80% of aircraft movements, further strengthening the organisation’s claim as “the global voice of ATM”.

CANSO Secretary General Alexander ter Kuile commented:

“We are very happy to have the State ATM Corporation of Russia as the latest member of CANSO. The fact that such an important world player in aviation has chosen to join CANSO is proof that we are working on the priorities that matter to ANSPs all over the globe, and that aviation organizations across the world are agreeing with our agenda. We look forward eagerly to working with the State ATM Corporation of the Russian Federation on the issues that unite the world’s ANSPs”.

State ATM Corporation Director General Valery Gorbenko said:

“It is with great pleasure that we have received the news regarding welcoming the State ATM Corporation as a Full Member of the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO).

Almost two years have passed from the moment we first participated in the CEO Meeting in Maastricht in 2006 until the idea to join CANSO finally came true. We are aware of the CANSO’s role in the world aviation community and the impressive results which have been achieved so far. In a little over 10 years since its establishment we have witnessed the growing influence of the organization and its increasing role in the aviation world.

We are confident that the State ATM Corporation will strongly benefit from its CANSO Membership and we are looking forward to a close and fruitful cooperation”.