Coordination meeting with Directors at State ATM Corporation

State ATM Corporation’s Head Office held a meeting of the Coordination Council of the Directors of the Company’s branches on 24 April.

State ATM Corporation’s Head Office held a meeting of the Coordination Council of the Directors of the Company’s branches on 24 April. The meeting was attended by Director General Igor Moiseenko, his Deputies as well as Area Directors and Directors of all 17 Branches.

First Deputy Director General Vladimir Gulchenko presented a report on the Corporation’s results in 2013. He underlined the significance of maintaining operational availability of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance aids and re-equipping ATS Centers. In 2013, terminal radar facilities and mono-pulse secondary radars were put into operation. Also, Ground-based Augmentation Systems and Automatic Dependent Surveillance Systems are being implemented in Russia’s civil aviation airports. The Corporation’s Senior Executives expressed their gratitude to all the staff who contributed to providing ATC during the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2014 as well as the Universiade in Kazan (Tatarstan).

Furthermore, during the meeting of the Council, the Corporation’s major objectives for 2014 were set. Safety enhancement remains to be a top priority. This will be facilitated by introducing State ATM Corporation’s Safety Management Manual. The preparations to implement the new airspace structure of Moscow TMA and such adjacent TMAs as Rostov, Samara, Yekaterinburg, and Saint-Petersburg TMAs, are planned for completion. It was emphasized that it was crucially important to ensure federal target programs (FTP) implementation and to continue the ACC consolidation process.

Afterwards, Deputy Director General Nikita Danilov introduced a new corporate structure of the Head Office. It will be put in place in order to enhance the Corporation’s infrastructure utilization efficiency and to improve cooperation with the Branches. Director for FTP Implementation Konstantin Kaplya delivered a report on Federal Target Programs’ Implementation in 2013. Viktor Kachalkin, Director of “Aerocontrol” Branch, spoke on the launch of CNS flight calibration program on Beechcraft King Air 350i aircraft in Russia.

Additionally, during the meeting, the establishment of a new Branch of “Crimea Air Navigation” was discussed. The Deputies, Mr. Danilov and Mr. Pogrebnov, presented their reports on the matter. Both de jure and de facto the new Branch has been established and is now successfully operating. Currently, State ATM Corporation is carrying out thorough measures to incorporate the Branch in its structure.