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FRA Experiment Broadened

Given the progress achieved and the positive results of the free route experiment held by State ATM Corporation in the Oceanic sector of Magadan ACC, the decision has been made to put the trial on a larger scale.

Fr om now on, air carriers will be able to operate flights via their preferred trajectories in the North‑2 sector, adjacent to the Oceanic one.

The trials started almost three months ago. Five participating airlines were selected, including AirBridgeCargo (Russia), China Southern Airlines (China), United Airlines (USA), Korean Air (South Korea), and Asiana Airlines (South Korea). So far, the airlines have operated 34 flights via their preferred trajectories, adjusting their routes for scheduled flights. The implementation of FRA will make the airspace wh ere the Russian Federation is responsible for provision of air traffic services more attractive to aircraft operators. This, in its turn, will be beneficial both for State ATM Corporation, which is expected to enjoy increased air traffic, and for airlines, as it will allow cutting fuel costs and reducing flight time.