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FRA Trial Commences in Kaliningrad FIR

A kick-off meeting chaired by Deputy Director General Yuri Tokarev was held on 2 October 2020, marking the beginning of the free route implementation experiment in a portion of Kaliningrad Flight Information Region airspace over the high seas.

The purpose of the experiment is to allow airspace users to operate via the shortest possible routes that are not confined to the fixed ATS route network. This will allow enhancing the cost-efficiency of flight trajectories and hence the attractiveness of the airspace where the Russian Federation is responsible for the provision of air navigation services.

The experts of State ATM Corporation’s North-West Air Navigation branch, which includes Kaliningrad ACC, proposed a phased approach to the implementation of free route operations. As part of the first phase, ‘paper’ trials involving interested airspace users will be conducted, while the second phase will consist in operating test flights. One of the prerequisites for FRA implementation is theoretical and practical training of operational staff of both Kaliningrad ACC and the Main ATM Centre based on existing and currently developed guidance materials.

The free route implementation experiment is also under way in the Oceanic and North-2 sectors of Magadan ACC. The implementation of FRA projects is closely supervised by State ATM Corporation Director General Igor Moiseenko.