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Kaliningrad ACC Switches to QNH and Feet

On 20 May 2021 at 00:00 UTC, Kaliningrad ACC of State ATM Corporation’s North-West Air Navigation branch adopted QNH and altitudes expressed in feet for Kaliningrad Khrabrovo terminal area operations.

The transition had been preceded by extensive and meticulous efforts by all of the Centre’s employees. The Centre worked together with the North-West Regional Aeronautical Information Centre staff to develop standard arrival (STAR) and departure (SID) routes involving satellite area navigation (RNAV GNSS), as well as new flight procedures using the Point Merge System for arriving aircraft, which are in line with state-of-the-art ATS techniques and are necessitated by a consistent upward trend in the intensity of operations at Kaliningrad Khrabrovo aerodrome.

A series of activities were completed as part of preparations for the transition, including the fine-tuning of ATC and ASM automation systems, coordination of flight operation procedures with state aviation stakeholders, and amendments to air traffic controller operating procedures. Amendments to the Russian Federation AIP regarding operating procedures involving QNH and feet have been prepared and submitted for publication. The air traffic controllers of Kaliningrad ACC have undergone respective theoretical and practical (simulator) training.