Magadan and Kaliningrad Airspace Optimized through Free Route Implementation

Effective 13 July 2023, Free Route Airspace (FRA) and category 1, 2 and 3 Conditional Routes (CDR) have been implemented within Magadan (Oceanic sector) and Kaliningrad Flight Information Regions (FIRs) of the Joint Air Traffic Management System.

The Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) of the Russian Federation has been amended accordingly.

State ATM Corporation Regional Centres made necessary adjustments to their equipment to enable a smooth transition.

Free route airspace is an airspace within which users may freely plan a route between predefined entry and exit points. This allows airlines to select optimal routes, reducing flight time, fuel consumption, and carbon emissions. This, in turn, makes the airspace more attractive for users and supports air traffic growth by enhancing the quality of air traffic services.

Experience gained by leading air navigation service providers shows that a phased approach to FRA implementation is preferable; thus, the first phase involved the implementation of FRA within the Oceanic sector of Magadan FIR, and Kaliningrad FIR. It had been preceded by considerable preparatory work by the Main Centre of the Join Air Traffic Management System, Magadan and Kaliningrad Regional centres of State ATM Corporation in coordination with more than 50 airlines.

According to feedback from airlines operating flights from North American airports to the Indian sub-continent, the newly implemented FRA allows shortening route length by an average of 160 km, flight time by 9 minutes, fuel consumption by 811 kg, and СО₂ emissions by 2,514 kg.