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Meeting on Tower Construction at Petrozavodsk Airport

On 31 July, the city of Petrozavodsk hosted an inter-agency field meeting presided by Rashid Nurgaliyev, Deputy Secretary of the Russian Federation Security Council and a member of the State Panel for the Republic of Karelia 100th Anniversary Preparations. The meeting addressed the finalisation of infrastructure development and the operational commissioning of Petrozavodsk airport terminal, the aerodrome operator selection, as well as further development of air connectivity and efficient terminal infrastructure utilisation.

The meeting was attended by Alexander Neradko, Head of the Federal Air Transport Agency, and Yevgeny Novozhonov, Director of State ATM Corporation North-West Air Navigation branch.

The meeting discussed the control tower construction at Petrozavodsk airport. The Head of the Federal Air Transport Agency, together with the Russian Ministry of Defence Operations Management Team, visited the construction site of the new tower, which will be equipped with a Russian-manufactured ATC automation system, Galaxy. Yevgeny Novozhonov reported that the tower would be operational in December 2021. Alexander Neradko noted that the new tower was going to become somewhat of a landmark of Petrozavodsk and the Republic of Karelia as a whole.

During the visit, Alexander Neradko viewed the new instrument landing system (ILS) 2700 with a DME/NL 2700 glide path beacon, the DVOR/DME facility, as well as the Lira-A10 terminal radar, which will be put into operation in August 2020. He made mention of the substantial efforts undertaken by the staff of Petrozavodsk ATS centre of the North-West Air Navigation branch to ensure the timely commissioning and operational readiness of Petrozavodsk aerodrome CNS facilities.

Alexander Neradko noted with appreciation the considerable contribution by State ATM Corporation to the modernization of Petrozavodsk aerodrome, which is on par with European aerodromes in terms of its CNS infrastructure implementation level.