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New Approval Procedures for Scheduled Flights Operated by Foreign Airlines

The Federal Air Transport Agency and FSUE State ATM Corporation have launched a new mobile software solution, Approval Manager, which processes foreign airspace users’ applications for scheduled flights in the Russian Federation airspace.

Approval Manager was developed by Russian IT professionals and is intended to automate and enhance the approval of requests filed by airspace users, while also enabling further tracking and monitoring of the status of requests.

Scheduled flights of foreign air carriers within the Russian Federation airspace are subject to approval by the Federal Air Transport Agency, which agrees a Form R draft flight schedule. The new filing mode of Form R draft schedules via the Approval Manager will allow optimized processing of requests from foreign airspace users.

The Approval Manager web application is currently used for filing, approval, and processing of requests for scheduled flights only. In the future, it is planned to enable requests for non-scheduled flights (N Form).

A user must be registered with the system to file requests for scheduled flights in the Russian Federation airspace. Registration is available via the link:

You can access further details on registration and usage of the Approval Manager web application in Russian and English on the Federal Air Transport Agency official website by clicking on the Permission for Scheduled and Non-Scheduled Flights in the Russian Airspace For Foreign Airlines banner.

Airlines are also advised that preexisting methods of filing R Form requests remain available.