On Friday, 7 April 2023, at 08.38 Moscow time, an explosive eruption of Bezymyanny volcano occurred in Kamchatka.

The ash cloud drifted to the southeast from the Kamchatka peninsula, reaching an altitude of 12 kilometres. The eruption was assigned ICAO Colour Code Red (maximum hazard). The volcanic activity created danger for domestic and international air operations.

In that connection, State ATM Corporation, as approved by the Federal Air Transport Agency and required by ICAO safety provisions, issued a NOTAM instructing airspace users to give due consideration to the natural occurrence when selecting flight routes, and proposing alternative routes over the territory of Russia.

ATS units of the Russian Federation have supported overflights of 23 aircraft between China, India and other South-East Asian regions, and North America.

The Russian Federation has ensured the safety of flights operated by 12 foreign airlines, including Air India, Cathay Pacific, and China Southern.

Source: Federal Air Transport Agency