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Online consultations on FRA implementation in Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad ATS Centre is continuing preparations for the upcoming implementation of free route airspace (FRA) within its area of responsibility.

In this scope, FRA KALI Information Day meeting was held virtually on 9 February between the representatives of Poland (PANSA), Lithuania (ON), Sweden (LFV) and State ATM Corporation’s North-West Air Navigation branch and Head Office.

During the meeting, the participants were provided with an update on the latest developments in Kaliningrad FIR FRA project (FRA KALI) scheduled for implementation on 24 March 2022. Kaliningrad FRA design and structure, flight planning and operations issues, existing assumptions and limitations, background information on the concept development were discussed in detail.

It is a common practice among European air navigation service providers to conduct consultations with adjacent ATS units on FRA implementation.

Despite its virtual format, the meeting was held in a friendly and constructive atmosphere. The participants noted that FRA KALI implementation will provide further impetus to air navigation services in the airspace of the region.

It should be noted, that 24 March 2022 is the common FRA implementation date for Kaliningrad FIR and Magadan FIR.