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Ossora ATS Centre Implements MOST-AS ground satellite fixed communication station

Having concluded the supply, installation, start-up and acceptance testing, Ossora ATS centre (State ATM Corporation Kamchatka Air Navigation branch) has put into operation a MOST-AS ground satellite fixed communication station.

The station is part of the Kamchatka fragment of the joint fixed ATM satellite communication network.

The network ensures the transfer of air situation data from radar facilities to the automation systems of ACCs, exchange of voice information between air traffic controllers and air crews, and remote management of radio communication facilities installed at remote tranceiving centres. It also supports interaction between ACCs and establishes a technical infrastructure that centralizes airspace management.

The station is equipped with facilities that ensure the required availability and configuration of communication circuits. To increase reliability and compliance with ICAO requirements for ATM communication networks, the station includes hardware and software solutions that provide for self-maintaining redundancy of circuits based on satellite or landline links.