State ATM Corporation and IDS Airnav S.R.L. hold a bilateral meeting

A bilateral meeting between representatives of State ATM Corporation Head Office and IDS Airnav S.R.L. was held last week in Rome, Italy.

IDS AirNAv S.R.L., an ENAV group company, is a leading provider of aeronautical information management (AIM) software and solutions that cover the entire process starting from aeronautical data collection, processing, storage, quality control to its publication, as well as automation systems to support airspace structure design, its analysis and visualization, information exchange with external systems, air traffic flow management (ATFM) and collaborative decision-making (CDM).

The following products were presented and discussed during the meeting:

- flight procedure (FPDAM) and airspace structure design (Airspace Designer) software to facilitate automated instrument flight procedures and airspace elements design;

- AIS/AIM hardware for aeronautical information services and management to facilitate generation of AIP amendments, supplements and circulars;

- terminal terrain and obstacle data (eTOD) registration, processing and analysis software;

- airport and en-route electromagnetic environment analysis tool, including CNS facilities verification (EMACS);

- ground validation and simulator training software tool;

- a network solution to support aeronautical data digital processing throughout the whole cycle from data origination to transfer to data storage system (PLX);

- aeronautical chart design and display system (ICE) in geographical information system (GIS);

- GNSS signal integrity assurance (GNOM) solution.

The Russian delegation visited Rome ATC centre (Ciampino) to familiarize with facilities and organizational structure of the centre, ATCOs workflow management, ATFM system and the ongoing ACCs consolidation. A state-of-the-art ATS system-based simulation complex, NAV and COM equipment technical control were also demonstrated during the visit.

The representatives of Techno Sky, an ENAV division responsible for management and maintenance of air traffic control facilities and systems, presented an overview of the Italian ANSP technological development.

A D-Flight representative also attended the meeting. D-Flight is the company created by ENAV in November 2018 to develop the U-space platform for the provision of services for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles such as registration, planning and geo-positioning.