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State ATM Corporation Attends ICAO Workshop on Alpha-Numeric Name Codes

A joint ICAO/EUROCONTROL workshop on the use of five alpha-numeric name codes (ANNC) to designate ATS route waypoints was held on 28–29 April in hybrid mode.

The workshop was attended by representatives of international aviation organizations and states of the ICAO EUR/NAT region.

ICAO and EUROCONTROL experts have noted that the implementation of major airspace projects brings along an increased need for pronounceable five-letter name codes (5LNC) to designate waypoints, whereas such codes are a scarce resource for the ICAO EUR/NAT region. To resolve this issue, the workshop participants evaluated the possibility of making use of five-letter alpha-numeric name codes (5ANNC) for points mainly used for data exchange between ATS centres rather than radio communication. During the workshop, presentations were delivered by ICAO, EUROCONTROL, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

The workshop participants also addressed issues related to the use of the global ICAO ICARD system, rules for designation of waypoints and standard instrument departure and arrival routes (SIDs/STARs).

FSUE State ATM Corporation regularly participates in meetings and workshops held by ICAO regarding the use of waypoint name codes.