State ATM Corporation Enables Record-Breaking Powered Paraglider Flight Operated by Fyodor Konyukhov and Igor Potapkin in Kabardino-Balkaria

On 15 September 2023, famous Russian adventurer Fyodor Konyukhov and pilot, International Master of Sports Igor Potapkin set a new world paragliding record, climbing up to 4,728 metres.

The pilots took off from a plateau located at an altitude of 2,407 metres at the foot of Mount Elbrus in Kabardino-Balkaria region.

State ATM Corporation’s Rostov-on-Don Regional Centre of the Joint Air Traffic Management System provided all necessary support to the paraglider flight in the vicinity of Mt. Elbrus.

To ensure safety and regularity of scheduled civil flight operations, temporary airspace restrictions were imposed in the affected area. The restrictions did not have any impact on airspace users’ operations.

The well-coordinated mutual efforts of air traffic controllers and other professionals of Rostov-on-Don Regional Centre and a thorough analysis of the traffic and weather situation largely contributed to the success of the flight.

The previous record had been set 30 years ago, when Hungarian pilots Helmut Stern and Anja Zotter reached an altitude of 4,575 metres in 2003.

Фото: официальный сайт Федора Конюхова