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State ATM Corporation Takes Part in ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements Implementation Task Force Meeting

The 38th meeting of the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements Implementation Task Force (LPRI TF/38) took place via teleconference on 17 and 18 March 2021.

The meeting was attended by over 70 experts from Austria, Armenia, Belarus, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Germany, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Latvia, Moldova, Norway, Poland, the Russian Federation, the United States, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, as well as representatives of ICAO Headquarters and European/North Atlantic (EUR/NAT) Regional Office, the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC), EASA, IATA, IFALPA, and the Council of the International Civil Aviation English Association (ICAEA). Experts from State ATM Corporation Head Office and the Institute of Air Navigation took part in the teleconference.

The meeting addressed matters such as English proficiency assessment, oversight of language testing bodies, harmonisation of requirements for language teachers, recognition of certificates issued by states, as well as challenges faced by states amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The meeting participants took note of further LPRI TF administrative arrangements and update of its terms of reference as part of the ongoing review of the ICAO EUR/NAT Region working structure.

The next meeting is planned for autumn 2021.