Yakutsk Consolidated ACC Goes Operational

Yakutsk consolidated area control centre was inaugurated on 7 December 2020. The opening ceremony was attended by the Head of Sakha (Yakutia) Republic Aysen Nikolaev, Deputy Head of the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) Dmitry Yadrov, Director of State ATM Corporation’s North-Eastern Siberia Air Navigation branch Dmitry Bobylev and other officials.

The investments in the project by State ATM Corporation totalled 1.3 billion rubles. The 7-storey building of the new consolidated ACC with a control tower is intended to accommodate personnel and equipment enabling automated air traffic control in Yakutsk terminal area and en route within Yakutsk ACC area of responsibility, as well as administrative and technical staff.

Through its new consolidated ACC, North-Eastern Siberia Air Navigation branch will be providing area control services in the airspace within the administrative boundaries of Sakha (Yakutia) Republic and above a portion of the Arctic Ocean, as large as 1/5 of the continental territory of the Russian Federation. The total area of responsibility of the branch is 4,060 thousand km2, stretching 2,325 km from west to east and 2,540 kilometres from north to south.

The total length of ATS routes is over 139,114 km, including 85,412 km of routes available for international flights and 30,868 km of RNAV and domestic routes. The area of responsibility of the Branch also includes 30 local routes with a length of 23,834 km. Eleven sectors of the area control centre and one local control unit provide air navigation services from a single operations room of the automated ATM system. Air traffic services within the area of responsibility of the Branch are provided by 45 ATS units, 4 local control units, and 4 aerodrome flight information centres.

To meet the needs of Russian and foreign operators while enhancing airspace efficiency in the Russian Federation, State ATM Corporation developed a project in October 2020 to implement 18 new RNAV routes (route segments) in the area of responsibility of North-Eastern Siberia Air Navigation branch connecting North America to Central Asia, the Middle East, and the Persian Gulf region, thus making a solid step towards the implementation of User Preferred Routes (UPR) and Free Route Airspace. Trans-Siberian, Trans-Polar, Trans-Eastern, Cross-Polar and domestic routes serve major air traffic flows. The first two groups of routes are most beneficial for operating flights from Southeast Asia to Europe, while Cross-Polar and Trans-Eastern routes ensure the shortest flight distance between North America and Southeast Asia. Domestic and local routes support the transportation of passengers and cargo between the European and Far Eastern portions of Russia and within the administrative borders of Sakha (Yakutia) Republic.

Yakutsk Consolidated ACC is equipped with a state-of-the-art automated air traffic management system consisting of:

·        TOPAZ OVD air traffic control automation system;

·        TOPAZ PIVP airspace planning system;

·        TOPAZ voice communication switching system;

·        AVIATOR data recording and replay system;

·        TOPAZ time synchronization system;

·        TOPAZ information security system; and

·        TOPAZ control consoles.

The equipment allows processing information received from ground surveillance facilities in a reliable and efficient manner, controlling air traffic via radio communication and maintaining contact with adjacent air traffic control units. The ATM automation system manufactured by ALMAZ PJSC has been supplied under agreements with Almaz-Antey Corporation. The system is installed at a new custom-designed building near Yakutsk airport. The building accommodates 12 Yakutsk ACC sectors, approach, radar, ground, and tower control units, with plans to establish a Regional centre of the Russian Joint ATM System.

The expected number of staff simultaneously on operational duty at Yakutsk Consolidated ACC is as follows:

·        ATS staff: 50;

·        Airspace planning staff: 10;

·        Technical and engineering staff: 60.

The new ATM automation system will allow increasing airspace capacity, cutting operational costs, centralising air traffic control functions, as well as enhancing the safety and efficiency of air traffic management.

It is worth mentioning that Yakutsk Consolidated ACC was put into operation on the International Civil Aviation Day, a professional holiday of the aviation industry.