Sheremetyevo could be the most punctual airport in Europe

Russia’s Sheremetyevo Airport remains leader in punctuality according to new data, with 94 per cent of departures on time.

Sheremetyevo has, since 2017, remained a leading airport in terms of punctuality in the major airports category, according to the U.S. company Flightstats. The number of delays to departures for more than 15 minutes was reduced to five per cent.

Sheremetyevo provided 94 per cent of departures in July 2018 on-time which led to punctual operations of landings, arrivals and departures, which reached 99.3 per cent. In so doing Sheremetyevo has reportedly remained the most punctual airport in Europe, in the period of March 2017 to August 2018.

The number of take-off and landing operations at Sheremetyevo increased by 12.9 per cent to 300,708 in 2017. This is up 36,338 compared to 2016. In another accolade the airport has been ranked as a world leader for punctuality and growth of take-off and landing operations, according to Air Transport World. 

Sheremetyevo implemented a system of joint decision-making A-CDM, unifying the activities of airports, airlines and air traffic control first in Russia.

Taxiing time reduced by 30 per cent for aircraft from landing to arrival at the parking lot, while taxiing time from departure to the take-off reduced by 35 per cent. Fuel saving, which is a direct result of on-time flights, has accounted for hundreds of thousands of tonnes per year.

Sheremetyevo International Airport is the largest Russian airport in terms of passenger and freight traffic, and its route network is comprised of more than 200 destinations.

In 2017, Sheremetyevo set a historic record for passenger traffic, serving 40.9 million people; an increase of 17.8 per cent on 2016’s numbers.

Sheremetyevo was also Europe’s best airport for service quality in 2012, 2013 and 2015 in the ACI (Airports Council International) and ASQ (Airport Service Quality) ratings. While in 2016 and 2017 Sheremetyevo was ranked first in Europe for the quality of passenger service in the category of airports with a passenger flow of 25-40 million people per year.

Source: International Airport Review