CNS Department

CNS constitutes the technical basis of State ATM Corporation’s main operational activity.

The Corporation's branches operate over 20,000 CNS aids. The continuous and safe operation of this equipment is ensured by some 9,000 engineers.

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  • maintenance and development of CNS aids, facilities, and systems;
  • planning, development, and implementation of programmes and projects of technical upgrade, modernization, and maintenance of CNS aids, facilities, and systems;
  • implementation of a unified technical policy with respect to operation, maintenance, modernization, and development of CNS aids, facilities, and systems in accordance with the ICAO ATM Operational Concept and CNS/ATM technology implementation plans.
  • maintenance and modernization management of:
    — air traffic service (ATS) systems;
    — radar and radio navigation systems;
  • management of:
    — contracts in respect of CNS aids;
    — introduction of advanced CNS aids and implementation of special programmes.