The Joint Air Traffic Control System of the USSR created as a joint civil-military system had been deployed on the whole territory of the country from 1973 till 1983.

It was formed as a strategic system for safe and effective airspace utilization for economic and defense purposes.

The Joint Air Traffic Management System of the Russian Federation was established after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

June 1994
  • Approval of the Basic principles of separation of civil aviation enterprises into independent airlines, airports, and units of the Joint System.
  • Establishment of state enterprises responsible for airspace utilization, ATM facilities maintenance, and ATC.
May 1996
  • Decision to create a federal unitary enterprise responsible for air traffic management (state corporation) in order to establish a joint ATS economic system and regulate airspace utilization.
December 25, 1996
  • State registration of Federal Unitary Enterprise “State ATM Corporation”.
  • Initiation of the joint ATS economic system and regulation of airspace utilization.
  • Establishment of State Unitary Subsidiary Enterprises of Federal Unitary Enterprise “State ATM Corporation”.
August 11, 1999
  • State registration of the first State Unitary Subsidiary Enterprise of Federal Unitary Enterprise “State ATM Corporation” – Central Region Air Navigation.
  • State enterprises responsible for airspace utilization, maintenance of ATM facilities, and ATC join the State Unitary Subsidiary Enterprises; three State Unitary Subsidiary Enterprises in the Southern Federal District merge into one – South Air Navigation.
  • According to the Federal Law, the State Unitary Subsidiary Enterprises transformed into branches of Federal Unitary Enterprise “State ATM Corporation”.
July 15, 2004
  • Federal Unitary Enterprise “State ATM Corporation” renamed Federal State Unitary Enterprise “State ATM Corporation”.
  • Accession of Moscow Air Traffic Flow Management Centre (MATFMC), Moscow Air Traffic Control Centre (MATCC) and Tatarstan Air Navigation to State ATM Corporation.
  • Bashkortostan Air Navigation and Chukotka Air Navigation branches discontinue their activities and join Central Volga Air Navigation and North-East Air Navigation branches respectively.
  • Primorye Air Navigation and Arkhangelsk Air Navigation branches discontinue their activities and join Far East Air Navigation and North-West Air Navigation branches respectively.
  • Central Region Air Navigation branch discontinues its activities and joins Moscow Air Traffic Control Centre branch.