Professional training

The objective of upgrade training is to provide ATC supervisory personnel and controllers with education and awareness on modern tools and methods of air traffic management, to enhance skills and knowledge that are required in a chosen field of activity.

Conversion training provides enhanced knowledge and skills required to master a new occupation or to meet changing operational requirements. To give an example, a 10-month training course organized for people with secondary or higher professional education to become air traffic controllers.

The Institute of Air Navigation was established to facilitate the development and improve the performance of civil aviation enterprises and organizations through the provision of high-quality and affordable continuing professional education and essential competencies needed to meet the requirements of the market economy and international standards.

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Objectives of the Institute of Air Navigation:

  • to satisfy specialists' needs for professional development, the acquisition of knowledge on new technological and scientific advancements, valuable Russian and foreign experience;
  • to provide specialists of different enterprises, organizations, public employees, and unemployed persons with an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and to improve their professional skills;
  • to carry out extensive scientific research and provide comprehensive professional consulting services; perform a scientific examination of programmes, projects, recommendations, documents, and other materials, concerning items that are under the supervision of the Institute of Air Navigation. An understanding of the specifics of aviation training in Russia and cooperation with State ATM Corporation make the work of the Institute of Air Navigation successful.