Aeronautical Information Centre, Moscow

State ATM Corporation’s Aeronautical Information Centre started as an Aeronautical Information Group, established on 10 May 1947 as part of the Radio Communications department of the Civil Air Fleet Headquarters.

Since then, the Aeronautical Information Centre has been providing various aviation enterprises and authorities with aeronautical information for more than 70 years.

On 1 June 2018, as a result of reorganisation, it became a branch of State ATM Corporation.

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Organisational Structure

The Aeronautical Information Centre includes:

  • 11 production departments
  • 7 supporting units
  • Administrative and managerial staff

The branch has a workforce of 267 employees, including:

  • Production departments: 209
  • Support staff: 53
  • Administrative and managerial staff: 5


The Aeronautical Information Centre is an aeronautical data and information provider. To achieve this goal, it releases AIPs of the Russian Federation, aeronautical information manuals, radio navigation charts, electronic aeronautical information databases, etc.

The Aeronautical Information Centre also translates NOTAMs of foreign states into Russian and delivers them to consumers. The NOTAM service works 24/7 to process over 500,000 telegrams and 3,000 hard copy documents annually.

The Aeronautical Information Centre hosts an AIP library comprising over 120 AIPs of foreign states.

Paperless technologies

The branch provides CD- and web-based electronic versions of aeronautical information documents.
The e-documents published by the branch can also be stored and displayed on an aeronautical information tablet device supporting iOS and Windows.