Kamchatka Air Navigation, Yelizovo

State ATM Corporation Kamchatka Air Navigation branch was established on 1 March 1995. The branch incorporates 10 ATS centres and Ust-Bolsheretsk CNS centre located in the Kamchatka region. The branch has a workforce of 665 people, all of whom are experienced professionals, with class 1 or 2 specialists accounting for 90% of the staff. Air navigation services are provided by the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky air traffic unit and the air traffic units of the ten ATS centres and divisions. The existing airspace structure of the Kamchatka Air Navigation branch allows handling air traffic along 20 international ATS routes with a total length of 20,581 km, 14 domestic routes with a total length of 9,100 km, as well as 9 local routes.

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Well-prepared and experienced employees that continuously improve their skills are key to the quality of an ATS unit’s work. This is ensured by various professional development programs, English courses, simulator training, and theoretical knowledge tests. The training process is designed to ensure compliance with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices. ATS personnel also undergoes English language training at foreign training centres.

The ATS division of the branch currently employs highly qualified specialists. There are 152 air traffic services and planning staff members, more than half of them holding a university-level degree and class 1 or 2 air traffic controller qualification.

The CNS service is responsible for the operation and maintenance of communication, navigation and surveillance facilities, supporting the Corporation’s operating activities. The service employs 307 people.

Kamchatka Air Navigation successfully implements technical modernization programmes, upgrading radio equipment and providing controller work positions with state-of-the-art computer facilities. The Topaz automated ATM system, Lira-A10 Terminal Area Radar Complex (TARC), Aurora monopulse secondary surveillance radar (MSSR), DVOR 2000 azimuthal doppler radio beacons and DME 2000 distance measuring radio beacons, АRM-150MA non-directional radio beacons, and DF-2000 automatic direction finders have been implemented over the last few years. The implementation of new ATM and CNS equipment enhances flight safety within the area of responsibility of the Kamchatka Air Navigation branch.

En-route radars have been upgraded at Ust-Bolsheretsk CNS centre, Ust-Khayryuzovo ATS centre, as well as terminal radars at Milkovo and Ust-Kamchatsk ATS centres.

A message switching centre based on new computer technology has been put into operation, and new communication radio stations and tape recorders have been installed. A satellite communication system and a new landing system (SP-200) have been introduced.

The main purpose of the Kamchatka Air Navigation branch is to ensure air traffic safety.

In addition, the branch has identified the improvement of customer service (customer focus) as its priority.