Radtelecom Centre, Moscow

Radtelecom Centre became a branch of State ATM Corporation on 1 June 2018. Prior to that, it had been a standalone entity, FSUE “Centre for Civil Aviation Radio Equipment and Communication”, whose predecessor, in its turn, was the Central Communication Node, initially established on 13 July 1938.

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General information

The organizational structure of the Radtelecom Centre is as follows:

  • Telephone and mainline communication centre;
  • Message switching center;
  • Khimki transmitting radio centre;
  • Filimonki receiving radio centre.

The branch has also been tasked by State ATM Corporation Head Office to deploy a Central Node of the Integrated Digital Aeronautical Telecommunication Subnetwork and to integrate it with top-level communication nodes.

Communication circuit lease service

Radtelecom Centre has cutting-edge channeling equipment that enables implementing an extensive network with redundancy ensured by both own and third-party telecom operator networks, and hardware. The channeling systems are operated together with the communication nodes of Moscow airports and fulfil all customers’ needs for analog, digital, telephone and telegraph communication circuits.

Telephone service

Radtelecom centre owns an OpenScape 4000 digital automated telephone station supporting 2000 numbers. The branch operates Siemens HP 3800 equipment to provide telephone connectivity for the Federal Air Transport Agency and the Federal Agency for Transport Oversight.

Telegraph communication and data exchange

Moscow Message Switching Centre, operated by Radtelecom branch, ensures the interface between the Russian segment of the communication network with international AFTN and AMHS networks of the European/North Atlantic and Asia-Pacific ICAO regions.

It operates state-of-the-art AERONET-M equipment. AERONET-M equipment is the first Russian-manufactured message switching centre product that is fully compliant with ICAO standards and requirements. The centre has a developed communication circuit infrastructure (over 150 telegraph and data circuits).

In 2018, the Centre processed over 89.4 million messages, with a daily maximum of over 303 thousand messages.

The Centre’s advanced technological switching facilities have allowed implementing an IP data communication network core for Russian civil aviation that consolidates 15 federal level message switching centres operating over AMHS, thus establishing a reliable high-speed flight data communication network.

Aircraft radio communication services

The tranceiving radio centres of Radtelecom branch are intended to ensure radio broadcast and 24/7 communication with civil, military and state aircraft operating special flights within and beyond the Russian Federation airspace. The receiving radio centre also provides Moscow ATC Centre with VHF reception radio channels to support air traffic management in Moscow TMA.