Dmitry Medvedev Visits New Petrozavodsk Aerodrome Control Centre

On 28 July, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev visited the new control tower at Petrozavodsk aerodrome, administered by State ATM Corporation's Northwest Air Navigation branch.

Deputy Head of the Federal Air Transport Agency Dmitry Yadrov and State ATM Corporation Acting Director General Vladimir Gulchenko reported on the progress achieved as part of efforts to enhance the Russian Federation air traffic management system.

The equipment of the new control tower had been supplied under the contract between State ATM Corporation and Almaz-Antey Corporation. The tower is equipped with state-of-the-art Russian-manufactured solutions:

·      Galaxy ATC automation system, Galaxy ATC simulator and VCS 2700 voice communication system manufactured by Azimut JSC;

·      Granit-6 recorder manufactured by NITA LLC;

·      Gorn-2 alerting facilities manufactured by PJSC NPO Almaz.

During the visit, Dmitry Medvedev left the following comment in the guestbook: ‘I wish all the staff of State ATM Corporation Petrozavodsk Centre success in their extremely important and challenging work!’ He also noted that well-designed tourist itineraries would allow increasing the number of flights within Russia’s northwestern regions.