Experts evaluated the ATM system in Krasnoyarsk consolidated center

Commission of experts including representatives of Central Siberia Air Navigation branch, Krasnoyarsk ATM center and NITA held a technical meeting for the progress of  ATM system introduction in Krasnoyarsk consolidated center.

In the process of estimation all the participants stated that the work went according to the schedule without delays, however, equipment installation was carried out simultaneously with ATC operations, and airspace and air traffic management operations in the operation halls that caused a set of features and limitations. Thus, currently readiness of the site for the application software upload to servers is more than 70%; preliminary start-up and adjustment work for Alpha ATC and Airspace Managements systems is in progress; airspace structure for these systems is completely ready.

Great attention was paid to issue of the center personnel training using new equipment. It is planned at the earliest possible time to update software of Expert ATC simulator up to version 5 to provide full conformance of the simulation system interface and functionality to the systems included in ATM system of Krasnoyarsk consolidated center.

In accordance with the project schedule installation work is to be completed by the end of May 2016, and start-up and adjustment work is planned for June-July. Acceptance Testing is to be started in August 2016.

By the end of 2016 it is planned to implement new generation automation system in  Krasnoyarsk consolidated center to provide airspace management and control processes at 4th level of automation over the territory of Central Siberia.

Source: Russian Aviation