North-Eastern Siberia Air Navigation, Yakutsk

Currently, the total area of responsibility of the Branch covers 3,780 thousand km², with a length of international routes of 34,178 km. The highly advantageous geographical position of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) predetermines the main ATC system developments.

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Vadim Piskunov Director of branch

The major air traffic flows have been established over the years: the Trans-Siberian route system that connects the European region with Japan and other countries in South-East Asia; the Trans-Polar route system that is most beneficial for flights operating from South-East Asia to Northern Europe; the Cross-Polar route system which provides the shortest route between North America and countries of South-East Asia and the domestic route system.

The establishment of a consolidated ACC in Yakutsk is a top priority for airspace structure improvement.


General division:
Phone: +7 411 249-64-58
Fax: +7 411 249-64-59