Western Siberia Air Navigation, Novosibirsk

Western Siberia Air Navigation is one of the largest branches of State ATM Corporation. Its area of responsibility of about 1 million square kilometres covers the Republic of Altai, the Altai Territory, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Omsk, and Tomsk regions, and is adjacent to Kazakhstan, China, and Mongolia.

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Such a territory may encompass France, Portugal, Italy, and Denmark, all put together. The airways crossing the airspace of Western Siberia Air Navigation connect Western Europe with South-East Asia, North America with South Asia through the North Pole. That is really and truly a huge sky! And this colossal airspace is handled by 2,000 employees.

The total length of ATS routes is 40,000 km, including 130 international route segments with ten entry/exit points located on the borders with neighboring Kazakhstan, China, and Mongolia. The Western Siberia Air Navigation area of responsibility accommodates five international, three federal and four regional airports, over 120 landing fields and 1 helidrome.