Russian and foreign carriers do not avoid Crimean airspace

From 10.00 a.m. Moscow time on 03 April 2014 until 00.00 on 04 April 2014 Simferopol ACC which forms a part of “Crimea Air Navigation” and is operating within the Joint Air Traffic Management System of the Russian Federation provided ATC to 58 flights of Russian and 87 flights of foreign carriers. In total, air navigation services were provided to 145 flights. 

Thus, it can be stated that counterproductive Eurocontrol recommendations to circumnavigate Crimean airspace according to which the required level of flight safety cannot be ensured, have not misinformed the absolute majority of air carriers. 

It should be recalled that the State Enterprise “Crimea Air Navigation” operates ATC within the boundaries of the airspace (that was formerly allocated to the “KRYMAERORUKH”). This Regional Branch was a part of the UkSATSE and nationalized by the Crimean Parliament after the referendum on the admission to the Russian Federation.
Source: FSUE “State ATM Corporation” Press-Office